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ARBA Registered Rabbitry X609, Member: ARBA, MSRBA, HLRSC, GLJWF, NJWRC, LARR

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2012 ARBA Convention Open Best of Breed

ARBA Convention Jersey Wooly Best of Breed Open 2012

2012 Jersey Wooly Nationals / NCRBA
3 Best of Breeds - 1 Reserve in Show

Ladies Man

Out With a Bang

Hot Shot

Jersey Wooly #1 in Nation Jersey Wooly #6 in Nation Jersey Wooly Ladies Man
Best of Breed
Show B
Best of Breed
Reserve in Show
Show D
Best of Breed
Show A

#1 Jersey Wooly Breeder - Michigan 2009-2011
#1 Jersey Wooly Nationally - 2009-2011
#1 Jersey Wooly Herdsman Nationally - 2010-11
#1 Jersey Wooly Award of Excellence Nationally - 2010-2011

Top Honors at 2010 ARBA Convention

top jersey wooly Top Jersey Wooly NJWRC
Jessica District 8/Overall Achievement Winner
Taylor 1st Place Team Breed ID
Taylor 4th Place ARBA Duchess
TLL's Poker Face - AOV Best of Group
TLL's Lucky Penny - Self Best Opposite Sex of Group
TLL's Molly - Agouti Best of Group

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Each year we travel to 4H clubs to share our experiences in Showmanship, Meat Rabbits and Rabbit Opportunities in the State of Michigan. All free of charge. Check out the brochure below and contact us soon, as our available dates are filling up quickly.

TLL 4H Rabbit Class Brochure

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Don't miss our Breed Index where we spotlight over 100 breeds of rabbits and hare. We have some tips on building a rabbit winning rabbit herd in our article Building a Winning Rabbit Herd. We have successfully built herds of both holland lops and jersey woolies. In 2009 alone, we have 21 Best of Breeds, 1 Reserve in Show and 2 Best in Show. This article gives a few tips on how we did that. Ever been a show secretary or writer? Or seen a show that runs slow? In our article Tips For Rabbit Shows we give tips on what each exhibitor can do to help a show run smoothly. If you ever experience a kit that gets stuck during delivery this article will help Stuck Kit.

What's Available at TLL

Visit our Breeding Rabbits section for articles on rabbit breeding, including Choosing the Rabbits and an article describing what will happen with your doe when she is pregnant calledWhat to Expect When Your Doe is Expecting. Don't miss our Breeding Calculator where you enter the date the doe was bred and we give you dates like, nestbox and due date!

If you are looking to purchase holland lops or other bunnies we may have available then please visit our For Sale page. You may also view pictures of our entire Herd. We raise high quality holland lops and have won many Awards and ribbons.

Our site is updated often. So be sure to stop by often.

Jersey Wooly

Jersey Woolies are the smallest of all the wool breeds. They have a great temperament. They are excellent show animals, as well as pets. The Jersey Wooly is shown in the following groups: Agouti, AOV, Broken, Self, Shaded and Tan.

As with our hollands, our goal is to produce the highest quality jersey wooly possible. Our younger two girls work together and show their rabbits in youth. Cathie and our oldest daughter show in open. They only show our home grown rabbits. We are the top jersey wooly youth breed in Michigan, and the top overall youth breeder. We have an excellent line of jersey woolies established. This makes for a much more predictable offspring.

Holland Lops

Holland Lops are one of the gentlest breeds of rabbits. They make great pets, and because of their easy going character make great 4H show animals as well. They are one of the smaller breeds of rabbits generally weighing less than four pounds. Holland Lops are one of the newer fancy breeds accepted in 1979 by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

The goal of our rabbitry is to breed the highest quality holland lops. We have a great line of holland lops established. We often have show rabbits for sale and every now and then a pet available.

Hopefully the information on this site will assist you in raising your holland lops and other rabbit breeds successfully. Please keep in mind that we are not veterinarians, and you should seek their assistance in raising your rabbit.

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Customer Reviews of Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

ST - Michigan

Dear Three Little Ladies, Thank you so much. He is perfect!! So calm and sweet! We are in love and impressed with how calm and laid back he is. I hope you like the pictures and it brings you joy to know "Smokie" will be cherished and cared for. Thanks again.

MD - Michigan

I just wanted to let you know how Fluffy (named by the children in my class) is doing. All of the children love her dearly and can't wait for their turn to hold her. She now has her own play area. She is now on Christmas vacation and is being bunny sat by two of the students. Have a great holiday season.

Out of State

Great!! Just wanted to make sure!! We'll be in touch before the show!! I sooo appreciate you guys!!! Thanks again !! :))


I breed BPs and ES's but I love your website for all of the fantastic information on it!

KC - Alabama

Thank you for your help over the last year or so! It has been so helpful to us! May the Lord bless you for your generosity toward us all in taking time to answer questions and such! :-)

D - Indiana

Wow i am so amazed I recently(in july) obtained a little white jersey wolly her ear number is tll99 and is known as tll's butter. I was looking through your rabbits and found "relatives including her mother" and i am proud to say she had her first litter of 8 but over time only two survived and I cant wait to breed her again in febuary. I am a beginng breeder and this was an amazing discovery.

L - South Korea

Great Job Girls! Love the site! This is my first experience with rabbits and you have made it very enjoyable! The great thing about you guys is that you consider every proboble outcome of a situation. I emailed you in regard to ask if my new rabbit was possibly expecting... You told me everything... I found out yesterday that she is due to have her kits any moment... Thank you so much for everything! GOOD LUCK!

TC - Malyasia

I am extremely honored to have known this wonderful family. They are always there giving me great advice and encouragements. I want to take this opportunity to thank the 4 wonderful ladies and 1 very kind man of Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, collectively known as the Usakowski family.