Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Showing Holland Lops

Rabbit showmanship is an important part of showing your rabbit. In competition showmanship determines how well you handle and know your rabbit. However, the checking procedure should be part of a routine to ensure your herd is healthy and stays healthy. You should also use this routine to check rabbits for health prior to making a purchase of a new rabbit.
Using your right hand, firmly grip the rabbit near the base of the ears. Your index finger should be between the ears, with other fingers just behind the ears.
Place the left hind underneath the hindquarters to provide support, and slowly roll the rabbit unto its back.
Continue to maintain firm grip with right hand. Rest the weight of the rabbit on the table.
Check the rabbits eyes for color and for blindness.
Check the rabbits nose for discharge.
Check the teeth for malocclusion, butting or wolf's teeth.
Check the chin for lumps, sores and abscesses
Check the abdomen for lumps and abscesses
Check for broken nails, missing nails, and nails that are not consistent in color.
Check for sore hocks
Check the tail carriage. Make sure no breaks, and that the tail does not curve to one side.
Check the sex of the rabbit, and look to make sure the rabbit shows no sign of vent disease.
Return you rabbit to the sitting position. Check for ear mites, ear canker, and proper tattoo
Pose the rabbit, and groom with your hand.