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Earning Sweepstakes Points

Ever receive a show report after showing at a rabbit show? Did you notice a column for points earned and wonder exactly what those "points" mean? Well we've been there, and this article will help clarify exactly what those points mean and how they are calculated.

I remember the day we received our first show report in the mail. We were so excited. We earned a bunch of points! I started to figure out how the points were earned, and realized a rabbit must finish 5th or higher to obtain points. At the next show we got excited every time we finished 5th or higher cause we knew we were going to get points.

Well after a few shows, we started to think, OK, we have points. So what exactly does that mean? Do we get some kind of award, maybe some money? After all, we’ve spent over $4000 on cages, supplies, and building materials. It would be great to get a little back.

I searched the ARBA site in earnest. I began to wonder if somehow this points thing was maybe buried somewhere in their site and I couldn’t find it. After talking with friends I realized what the points meant and how it all works.

Points earned at an ARBA sanctioned rabbit show, are for your breed specific specialty club. For example, we show primarily holland lops, and the points earned would be for the sweepstakes contest of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club. The ARBA itself does not have a sweepstakes contest. You must be a member of the specialty club at the time of the show to actually get credit for the points. We were in a double show of over 100 holland lops, and won best of breed at both shows, but weren’t a member of the HLRSC.

The ARBA show must sanction your club for the points to count. A fee must be paid to the specialty club by the show. Each show will list its sanctioned breeds in its catalog. If your breed is not sanctioned for that show, then you would earn no points for your specialty club sweepstakes contest.

The sweepstakes contest does involve a monetary reward. Each specialty club has its own way of calculating points and the disbursement of the sweepstakes money. You should contact your specialty club to get the exact details of their sweepstakes contest. Here are the sweepstakes rules for the HLRSC, and some links for other club’s sweepstakes rules. Please check with your club for the most up to date information.