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Pick Your Breed for More Details

Want to know about 1 of over 100 identified rabbit breeds? This page is your source. We have all 47 breeds of domestic rabbit in the United States. We have several breeds of rabbit from the British Rabbit Council not recognized yet in the United States. Finally, we have identified several breeds of wild rabbits & Hares. Click on the follow rabbit breeds to obtain more specific information about each breed. Information on body type, size, show scoring, recommended breeders and pictures of each breed are included for the domestic breeds. Territory and range are included for the wild rabbit breeds. This is still a work in process so check back often to find out about other rabbit breeds.

Domestic Rabbit Breeds - ARBA Recognized

Domestic Rabbit Breeds - BRC Recognized

  • Alaska
  • Argente Bleu
  • Argente Brun
  • Blanc de Bouscat
  • Blanc de Termonde
  • British Giant
  • Deilenaar
  • Lionhead
  • Mini Lion Lop
  • Cashmere Lop
  • Mini Cashmere Lop
  • German Lop
  • Meissener Lop
  • Giant Papillon
  • Perflee
  • Pointed Beveren
  • Sallander
  • Siberian
  • Smoke Pearl
  • Sussex
  • Swiss Fox
  • Thuringer
  • Vienna
  • Hulstlander

Domestic Rabbit Breeds - Rabbit Council of New Zealand

  • Enderby Island

Wild Rabbit Breeds

  • Amami Rabbit
  • Annamite Rabbit
  • Antelope Jackrabbit
  • Arctic Hare
  • Black Jackrabbit
  • Black-tailed Jackrabbit
  • Brown Hare
  • Brush Rabbit
  • Desert Cottontail
  • Eastern Cottontail
  • European Hare
  • Jack Rabbit
  • Marsh Rabbit
  • Mountain Cottontail
  • Mountain Hare
  • Pygmy Rabbit
  • Red Rock Hare
  • Riparian Brush Rabbit
  • Riverine Rabbit
  • Snowshoe Hare
  • Swamp Rabbit
  • Sumatra Short-eared Rabbit
  • Tres Marias Cottontail
  • Volcano Rabbit
  • White-sided Jackrabbit
  • White-tailed Jackrabbit
  • Wood Rabbits