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Breeding Holland Lops & Rabbits

Don't miss our Breeding Calculator, Its an awesome tool!

Basics of Breeding Rabbits

  • Choosing Which Rabbit

    Part of the fun and also part of the dilema in breeding is choosing which rabbits to breed. This article will give some basic guidelines for which rabbits to choose.

  • When and How to Breed

    You've picked out the rabbits, now what? This article describes the mating process and when to breed yor rabbits.

  • Checking the Doe for Preganacy

    You bred your rabbits but your not sure how to check to see if she is pregnent. This article will describe how to palpitate your doe.

  • What to Expect When your Doe is Expecting

    This article will explain what will be happening with your doe throughout her pregnancy.

  • What to Expect the First Month

    Learn what will happen during the first month of your new kit's life. See pictures from birth through age 4 weeks, along with a description of what will be taking place.

  • Should You Touch a Baby Rabbit?

    The old wives tales have been around for years about the dangers of touching a baby rabbit. Does the doe reject the kits if they are touched? Find out in this article.

  • Has My Doe Fed Her Kits?

    This article, complete with pictures, will help new breeders determine if their doe has fed her kits.

  • Rabbit Name Ideas

    Having a hard time finding that perfect rabbit name. Here's a list of ideas that is categorized.

More Complex Breeding Issues

  • Overdue Does & Retained Kits

    Ever have a rabbit that you were sure was pregnant, not deliver her kits? This article tackles that issue and lets you know what your options are.

  • Crossbreeding, Dangers & Benefits

    Many breeders will use crossbreeding as a means of improving their herd. What is crossbreeding, and what are the benefits and risks involved?

  • Breeding by Moon Phases

    Many breeders believe that moon phases can effect the number of does/bucks each in a litter. They also believe that moon phases affect the quality of the litter. This articles explains the practice.

  • When to Retire a Rabbit From Breeding

    At some point your rabbits will become unproductive for your rabbitry. So when do you stop using them as a part of your breeding program? This article will assist in making that decision.

  • What is a Peanut?

    Most dwarf breed rabbit breeders know the term 'peanut' very well. What is a peanut and how do you know if you have one?

Genetics & Rabbit Breeding

  • Genetic Color Chart

    This is a chart of color group by which "C" lotus gene is dominant, then grouped by A gene all the way down to E gene.

  • Rabbit Color Genetics

    Genetics is an important part of any breeding program. It is also a very complex subject, and we have dedicated an entire section of our site to it. Visit this section to gain an understanding of the genes behind rabbit color and how they work.

Breeding Calculator

Tired of using a calendar and counting days to determine when your doe is due? Well now you can plug in your breeding date, and get all the pertinent dates without all the counting!

Show Ready Calculator

Need a kit ready for a particular show date? Enter the date into this calculator and we'll give you the date the rabbits need to be bred by. It will also give you the other important dates such as when the kits will be due.