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Rabbit Care - General Articles

Rabbit care ranges from the very simple matters of feeding your rabbit to more complex matters related to rabbit health. In our rabbit care section you will find articles of all types that may assist you throughout the life of your rabbit. We write articles often from questions we receive. So check back often.

Basic Rabbit Care

Rabbit Care in Special Situations

  • Rabbits & Heat

    Extremes in weather can effect your rabbit. Rabbits are especially venerable to high temperatures. Minimize the risk to your bunny, read the tips in this article.

  • Help Your Bunny During Cold

    You've picked out the rabbits, now what? This article describes the mating process and when to breed yor rabbits.

  • Dealing with a Urine Spraying Buck

    Read this article from Teresa Wooden of Brightside Woolies for a funny look at a buck spraying story, and some practical tips to help you deal with urine spraying bucks in the rabbitry.

More Complex Care Matters

  • Rabbit Temperament - An Interview With the Experts

    The temperament of holland lops is one thing that makes them so enjoyable. See our interview with some of the top breeders in the country to see what they had to say about rabbit temperament.

  • How to Tatoo a Rabbit

    See complete step by step instructions for how to tatoo a rabbit. Several pictures included.