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The Duracell Bunnies

                              Rabbits, Duracell Bunnies

The Duracell Bunnies are an entire species of fictional bunnies. Duracell advertisments feature the bunnies in some sort of competition such as soccer, or a race, and the Duracell bunnies always outlast bunnies powered by other batteries.

The duracell bunnies predate the energizer bunny. The Energizer bunny was actually created as a parody of the duracell bunnies. At one time duracell bunnies beat on a drum but this is now longer used in Duracell campaigns.

                              Rabbits, Duracell Bunnies

The Duracell bunnies are very popular in Europe. However, because of the popularity of the Energizer bunny, the Duracell bunnies are rarely seen in the United States.

The Duracell Bunnies are pink. They have nicely rounded ears, and always have a pleasant smile on their face. They make many guest appearances throughout Europe.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry