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Easter Bunny

You knew that at some point on this list the Easter Bunny would have to appear. However, the easter bunny although popular is actually somewhat of a vague character. When we think of Santa Claus, we all envision, nearly the same thing, a rather portly man, with white hair, full and lenghty white beard, a rosey little nose, and a very unique red suit. Such is not the case with the Easter Bunny.

Although tales of his existence have appeared in folklore for years, it seems as though he has never really been all that clearly defined. When each of us thinks of the Easter Bunny, we probably all vary in our opinion of his appearance, or even in his Easter role. In fact the Easter Bunny leaves us with many questions:

  • Is he the one that delivers the Easter Baskets?
  • Does he hide the eggs that the children find on Easter morning?
  • How does he get in the house?
  • Does he come down the chimney?
  • Does he have an actual name?
  • How does he get from house to house without flying reindeer?
  • Does he have some sort of industrial workshop for fabricating eggs and baskets?
  • Where does he actually live?
  • Is the Easter bunny a boy or girl?

As you can tell, the Easter Bunny is a character of great mystery. Maybe thats what makes him so special. There’s been no TV movie to clearly define who the Easter bunny is. Each family, therefore, can create their own unique Easter Bunny fable through their own traditions. Let’s see here, I think he gets into the house as one of our bunnies probably actually transforms into the Easter Bunny while we sleep…then he…

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry