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A Storage Solution Worth Its Weight in Gold


Storing food always seems to be a concern with any breeder or even pet owner. I've seen a multitude of different solutions. Some people use tupperware bins, which seem to work fairly well. I've even seen people just use the bag the food came in.

Blitz Pour-N-Stor

We spent $40 when we built our barn on the Blitz Pour-N-Stor. This is a storage bin that hangs on the wall. Ours holds 50 pounds of food (which is the size of the feed bags we purchase). It has a small handle on the bottom, that you pull to release some of the food. This was one of the better equipment purchases we have made.

This storage unit has several advantages over both the tupperware type of container and the "leave it in the bag" solution. First the food is up and off the ground. Mice are always a risk in the barn. Leaving a bag on the floor is only enticement to the furry little critters. Second is the issue of old food at the bottom of a tupperware bin. With the Pour-N-Stor all of the food is put into the unit from the top, and then dispensed from the bottom. This means that the oldest feed always gets used first. Nothing sits in the bottom.


There is one draw back with the unit. The hole for dispensing is much larger than most dishes used for rabbit food. That isn't really a problem for us though, because we mix other elements in with our food. So we use a gallon size tupperware container to pour food into. We then mix it with a little Manna Pro, oats, and sometimes black oil sunflower seeds.

So if your looking for a feed storage solution, clear a little wall space, jump on and find yourself the Blitz Pour-N-Stor. Its well worth the cost!

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry