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So we all travel hours every couple of weekends to rabbit shows. Sometimes we have the children with us. Entertaining ourselves is difficult enough, but to keep them busy, and occupied can be a challenge. So we will sleep, if we’re not driving of course, or we’ll read a book, if we don’t get motion sick, or we’ll play a game.

Are you tired of doing the same old things? Maybe its time to try something new. Have you ever heard of geocaching?

What is Geocaching

Geocaching is a treasure hunt of sorts where you use a GPS device to find the cache. The general object is rather simple, however at times finding the cache can be rather difficult. The concept is simliar to weapons caches in war. Except in these caches you won’t find weapons or ammunition, as they are prohibited.

Basics of Geocaching

To get started, go to the largest geocaching site on the internet, . In the upper right hand corner of the screen will be a search box. Start by typing in your zip code and press enter. You may be surpised to find out how close a cache may actually be to you.

There are several types of caches. Many are what is called a microcache. This is a small cache usually with no prizes or tradable items inside, but rather a log sheet that you can sign indicating you were there. Other larger caches will actually have items that you can trade. This is always exciting for our girls. Some caches are called multicaches. These are multiple stage caches, where each stage leads you closer to the final cache. Some require you to solve various puzzles.

All you need to participate in geocaching is a gps device. I purchased a used Etrex Legend for $50. The gps is great for travelling as you can enter start and end locations and it will guide you on your trip, telling you when to turn and how far you have to go, show where the nearest McDonalds is, etc. For geocaching, you just enter the coordinates of the cache given on the web site, and the gps guides you to the general spot of the cache, usually within a few feet.

Once you find the cache, you write your geocaching name on the log book. You then trade items, or you can just sign the book and trade nothing. When you get back home, you enter your find on the geocaching website.

Conclusion on Geocaching

This adds just a little bit of fun to what is often a long trip. It gives the children a little bit of excitement, and something to divert their attention for a while. Hey, we all dreamed of finding hidden treasure as a kid, well now you can live that out!

Rob Usakowski a/k/a Cache Rabbits
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

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