Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Grooming Your Rabbit

A proper routine of grooming is necessary for a happy and healthy rabbit. Rabbits typically shed four times a year. Since a rabbit grooms itself, during a molt (shedding) rabbits will ingest loose fur, unless properly groomed. Rabbits should be brushed at a minimum once a week. They should be groomed daily during a molt. Rabbits should have their nails trimmed once a month.

Grooming Table

A rabbit grooming table is a great addition to any rabbitry. Its a convenient and safe place to groom your rabbit. Many tables have storage boxes located on them, to store brushes, combs, and other grooming supplies. It is important that when turning your rabbit on a table like this, that you lift the rabbit off the table, otherwise its nails may get caught on the table, resulting in broken or removed nails.

Brushing Your Rabbit

A slicker brush should be used to remove loose fur from your rabbit. It does a great job and is gentle on your rabbits tender skin. Matted areas of your rabbit can be removed with a wire comb. Be careful not to harm your rabbit when removing mats. Severe matting can be carefully removed with blunt scissors.

Rabbits should be brushed frequently, especially during a molt. Rabbits will ingest loose hair, which can cause intestinal problems.

Additionally you can wet your hands slightly, and run then across the rabbits back. This will remove additional amounts of loose hair.

Clipping Nails


Rabbits nails can be cut with the guillotine type clippers shown at the left or even with human toe nail clippers. To avoid bleeding, cut only the white portions of the nail as shown above. This can be difficult on rabbits with dark nails. If having trouble on rabbits with dark nails, you can use a flashlight behind the nail to illuminate the quick. Cutting into the quick will  cause the nail to bleed. Styptic powder or baking soda can be applied to the nail to stop the bleeding.

One of the easiest ways we've found to clip our rabbit's nails, is to lay the rabbit on its back in your lap. Place the rabbit's head near your knees and the rabbit's back feet near your stomach. For rabbits that like to move around a lot, we have a second person hold the rabbit near the base of the ears.