Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Health Articles

General Health Articles

  • The Importance of Exercise

    It is important that people get proper exercise to maintain their health. It is no different for rabbits. They need a place to exercise.

  • Rabbits and the Herbs They Eat

    Many breeders have heard the benefits of using herbs with their rabbits. Here is a list of herbs and what they are commonly used to treat.

  • Yuck, My Rabbits Eating Its Poop

    Ever seen a rabbit eat its own poop? Sounds digusting but its actually a very important part of your rabbits health.

  • What's in the Medicine Chest

    Here is a list of items we keep in the medicine chest and what they are used to treat.

  • What Do Rabbits See?

    Ever wonder what rabbits actually see? Here we give you some idea based on what scientists have discovered regarding rabbits.

  • Vanodine and Your Rabbits Health

    Many breeders swear by the positive health effects of Vanodine on their rabbitry. We use it and heres why.

Common Health Problems

  • Weepy Eye

    Weepy eye comes in many different forms. Read this article for tips on cure and prevention.

  • Sore Hocks

    Sore hocks are usually preventable, although some breeds may be more prone to them. Here is the cure, prevention, and signs of sore hocks.

  • Wool Block

    Wool block can be a serious issue, especially in wool breeds. Here we give tips to resolve as well as prevent wool block in your rabbits regardless of breed.

  • Rabbit Fur Mites

    Fur mites are a term no rabbit breeder wants to hear. Unfortunately, coming in contact with an infected rabbit at a show is all it takes to get them. Removing fur mites from your herd can also be quite a challenge.

Complex Health Problems

  • Help For Mucoid Enteritis

    Mucoid Enteritis is a digestive complication often effect weaning kits. It is nearly always fatal, but there is hope. This article tells step by step what we did to save the life of one of our kits.

  • Abscesses, Rabbit Surgery

    Abscesses can be reoccurring, and difficult to deal with especially when the treatment involves minor surgery.

  • Myxomatosis and Your Rabbits Health

    Myxomatosis is a disease that could affect your rabbit. Its has a high fatality rate. See what it is, if your rabbit is at risk, and what you can do to prevent this disease.

  • Split Male Genetalia

    This is a rare problem with the male reproductive system. Find out what it is, how your bunny might get it, and what to do if it does have it.

  • Treating a Broken Leg

    Sometimes tragic things happen with your bunny. A broken leg is one of those things. Find out how to treat it without breaking you bank.

  • Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease - VHD

    This disease is one of the most contageous and deadly diseases in the rabbit world. Our article will explain the disease, causes, prevention and treatment.