Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Helping Rabbits Deal with Heat

Symptoms of Heat Problems

When the temperature gets above 80 degrees, we keep a close eye on our rabbits. There are several things that we start to look for in the rabbits behavior. Please keep in mind that you must know the temperament of your individual rabbits.

  • Your rabbit will lay on the bottom of its cage with its body stretched out.
  • Your rabbit will appear to be working real hard to breath. Its breathing motions will be clearly visible,and it may appear that the rabbit is panting.
  • Your rabbit may become motionless and unresponsive to your opeing of its cage.

Preventative Maintenance

Its always best to avoid a problem before one occurs. Here are some things that can be done to minimize the risk of heat related problems with your bunnies.

  • Airflow in the rabbitry is very important. Be sure there is proper venilation. Fans can be used to help cirulate air, but should not be pointed directly on your rabbits.
  • Be sure your bunnies have a fresh supply of water at all times.
  • In tempartures above 85 degrees we place frozen water bottles in the cage with our holland lops. To cool off, they will often lay against the water bottles.
  • Rabbits ears may also be lightly misted with water.

If your Rabbit Has Heat Stroke

Should your rabbit become unresponsive during high heat, it is important that you immediately get it help. Cooling the rabbit down slowly is important.

  • Get the rabbit to a cooler location.
  • Cool the ears with ice cubes.
  • In extreme cases your bunny can be given a cool bath. The water temperature cannot be cold, or you may send the bunny into shock.
  • Get the rabbit to a vet for their assistance.