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Co-ops Opinion Poll

The HLRSC sweepstakes rules permit co-ops. There are a variety of thoughts on the matter within the breeding circles. Below was a poll where people cast votes, indicating to us what your thoughts are on this issue. The poll did record voter ip address and only allowed one vote per computer. ****THIS POLL WAS *NOT* BEING CONDUCTED BY THE HLRSC, BUT BY A MEMBER. NOR HAS NOT BEEN ENDORSED BY THE HLRSC****

What are your thoughts on Co-ops in the HLRSC?

Co-ops are good, leave them as is.. 30 votes 32%
Co-ops are ok, but only for family members...13 votes 13%
Co-ops are ok, but should compete seperately...36 votes 38%
Co-ops are a bad idea for the HLRSC...9 votes 9%
Not sure how I feel yet...5 votes 5%

*This was an independent poll and is not associated with the HLRSC. If you are unsure of the impact the co-ops may have on the sweepstakes please read our article A Few Facts Regarding HLRSC Co-ops