Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Holland Lops - Crown

The crown should be a strongly defined ridge consisting of both cartilage and prominent, dense fur which appears to sit on top of the head and add to its massive appearance. The crown should wrap from just behind the top of the eye, up over the top of the head, and down just behind the tope of the other eye. Proper side to side width of the crown allows the ears to lop vertically and proper front to back width of the crown positions the ear just behind the eye and causes the ear to open fully and lay against the contour of the head and cheek. The overall impression of the crown is derived by sight and should balance with the size of its head.

A good crown will be placed just behind and even with the eye.

Crown - Faults

Lack of strongly defined crown; narrow side to side or front to back width; crown not positioned just behind the eye.

Crown Worth 8 points