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Holland Lops - Head

The holland lops head is to be massive. It should have good width. Holland Lops should have a very short muzzle. The eyes should sit deep. The head is high and close to the shoulders. The size of the head is to be in proportion to the size of the body.

The Triangle. A triangle "imposed" on the face of Holland Lops can help determine if the width between the eyes is good or poor. You want the length of the horizontal leg of the triangle to be at least equal to the length of the vertical legs. The greater the length of the horizontal leg and the shorter the length of the vertical legs, the better.

Another hint for determining if Holland Lops have good balance to it's head is to measure the distance between the eyes and compare it to the distance from the front of the crown to the top of the nose. These distances will be equal in a well balanced head.

Head - Faults

Pinched muzzle; narrowness between the eyes; head too small to balance with the body. Cut severely for narrow or long head.

Head Worth 24 points