Three Little Ladies Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly
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Jersey Wooly Bucks

*Grand Champion* TLL's Ladies Man

Jersey Wooly Ladies Man
Senior Buck
Agouti, Chestnut

Ladies Man has 28 legs.

Ladies Man has MANY BOBs.
***BOG 2009***
***Jersey Wooly Nationals***

Bon Jovi

Jersey Wooly Bon Jovi
Senior Buck

Agouti, Chestnut

TLL's Dynamite

Jersey Wooly Dynamite
Senior Buck
Agouti, Chinchilla

Dynamite has 2 legs.
He got a BOB his first time to
a show!

*Grand Champion* Erb's Opie

Jersey Wooly Opie
Senior Buck

Opie has 12 legs and
got **BOG at the 2007
ARBA Convention.**
Thank You
NorthWoods Wooly

Ryan's 15E Jackpot Baby!

Jersey Wooly Jackpot Baby
Senior Buck

AOV, Black Pointed White

Jackpot baby has 6 Legs.
This is an awesome buck!
His body is very solid and his
head is huge and ears are tiny
and thick. He has been getting BOG
at most of the shows!

Baby Blue's Butter Pecan

Jersey Wooly Butter Pecan
Senior Buck
Broken Chestnut

Butter Pecan has 11 legs.

Thank you Heather
Neveu for a very
sweet buck!

Brian's Hart

Jersey Wooly Hart
Senior Buck
Broken Black

Hart has 9 legs.

TLL's Jack

Jersey Wooly Jack
Senior Buck
Self, REW

Jack is an awesome buck.
Jack has 22 legs
6 Best 4 Classes.
***And A BEST IN SHOW!!!!***

Caudill's Dark Avenger

Jersey Wooly Dark Avenger
Senior Buck

Self, Black

Avenger has 9 Legs.

TLL's Dirty Boy

Jersey Wooly Dirty Boy
Senior Buck

Self, Black

TLL's Jealous Yet?

Jersey Wooly Jealous Yet?
Junior Buck

Self, REW

TLL's Jack X TLL's Pearl

1 Leg

***1st Place Self Jr. Buck
2010 ARBA Convention!!!***

*Grand Champion* Erb's Great White

Jersey Wooly Great White
Senior Buck
Self, REW

Great White has 14 legs.

*Grand Champion* RM's Black Knight

Jersey Wooly Black Knight
Senior Buck
Self, Black

Knight has 11 legs.

Knight is an amazing buck.
He is making lots of babies
for us:)

*Grand Champion* TLL's Theodore

Jersey Wooly Theodore
Senior Buck
Self, REW

Theodore has 10 legs.


Jersey Wooly eclipse
Senior Buck
Shaded, Siamese Sable

Eclipes has been doing great!
He has 4 legs.

TLL's Hot Shot

Jersey Wooly Hot Shot
Junior Buck
Tan, Black Otter

Has 3 legs