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Nesquik Bunny

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Nestle Quik was created in the 1950’s as a milk flavoring mix. As part of a marketing campaign in 1973 Nestle introduces the animated cartooon bunny wearing a “Q” on his shirt. The bunny used a phrase familiar to those that saw the commercials, “It’s so rich and thick and choco-lick! But you can’t drink it slow if it’s Quik!”

In Europe and Canada he was known as Quicky, the Nestle Quick Bunny. The brand in Europe was called Nesquik from its inception. However, in American it was called Nestle Quik until 1999 when the brand name was changed to Nesquik, as it was already in Europe. With the brand name change, Quiky then became the Nesquik Bunny. To match the new name, the “Q” on his shirt was changed to an “N”.

Nesquik Bunny MascotThe newest catch phrase for the Nestle Quik bunny is “Chocolate Milk, Think Nesquik!”. He is still a popular portion of print and television ads for Nesquik.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry