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Rabbit Breeds - Palomino

Breed Facts

Breed Slogan

Be a Pal to the Pals

Showroom Varities



Pre-Junior Weight: Not over 5 pounds
Junior Does Weight: Not over 8.5 pounds, Minimum weight 4 pounds
Junior Bucks Weight: Not over 8 pounds, Minimum weight 4 pounds
Intermediate Does: Not over 9.5 pounds
Intermediate Bucks: Not over 9 pounds
Senior Does: 9 - 11 pounds, ideal weight 10 pounds
Senior Bucks: 8 - 10 pounds, ideal weight 9 pounds


Palominos are a large meaty rabbit. They are known for their Lynx color

Coat Type

Palominos have flyback fur

General Personality

ARBA Schedule of Points

General Type....55

Breed History

Country of Orgin

United States


Mark Young

Brief History

Palominos were created for their unique attractive color and their meat quality. They were shown for the first time at the ARBA Convention in 1952 as the breed "Washingtonian". Mark Young used a coffee can as a suggestion box for naming his breed. One of those suggestions was the Golden Palomino which he shortened to Palomino. The breed became official at the 1957 ARBA Convention.

Year of ARBA Acceptance


Conservation Status

Palominos are not at risk.

Recommended Breeders

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National Club

Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association

Regional Clubs

Local/State Clubs