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Pet Rabbit Articles

Rabbits make great pets. On our site you will find many articles related to pet rabbit selection, care and feeding. Whether you are a looking for a pet rabbit, or already have one, theres something on our site for everyone.

Pet Rabbit Articles

  • Choosing a Pet Rabbit

    Having a pet rabbit can be such a rewarding experience. But with all the breeds, sizes and colors, how do you select the rabbit that is just right for you? This article will help you select that perfect rabbit.

  • Feeding Your Pet Rabbit

    What can your pet rabbit eat? Are there things they cannot have. Here's an article with nutrition elements as well as lists of good and bad treats for your pet rabbit.

  • Simple Rabbit Facts

    Here are 40 simple and interesting facts about rabbits. These are enjoyable facts for both experienced breeders and new pet owners

  • 4h Rabbit Clubs, Why Join?

    4h is a wonderful opportunity for your entire family. We have been involved in 4h for nearly 4 years. Here is an article about some of the factors we like about 4H.

  • What Do Rabbits See?

    Ever wonder what your rabbits see. Are they color blind. We look into the world of rabbit vision in this article.

  • The Myth of the Lucky Rabbits Foot

    Ever remember owning a lucky rabbit's foot keychain as a child. Heres where the myth came from, and how difficult it would be to get a true lucky rabbit's foot.

  • How Old Is Your Rabbit in Human Years?

    You've probably heard of dog years compared to human years. Well now you can compare your rabbit's life to human years with this fun table.