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Does Your Rabbit Need a Bath?

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Many pet owners will ask the question, how do I give my rabbit a bath? The question ought to be, should I give my rabbit a bath? In the many years of giving rabbits baths there have been only a few instances where a bath of any sort was necessary.

Rabbit are by nature very meticulous groomers of themselves. Often as you watch they will lick and clean all areas of their body. This can create a problem while molting is in progress as fur is ingested during this time. Since they do groom themselves so well, a bath is normally not necessary.

There are exceptions when it may be necessary to give a partial bath to a rabbit. Sometimes the rabbits droppings will get soft and begin to stick to the areas around their bottom. Failure to clean this area can cause a problem for the rabbit in going to the bathroom. When this happens we hold the rabbit in our hands, with its belly upward, and run water on the area as we use towels, and sometimes scissors to remove the messy area. We do not place the entire rabbit in a tub of water.

Fur mites, urine spraying, and other issues can present problems in keeping rabbits looking the way they should. With each we have given partial baths. But the general tule of thumb is that rabbits do not need a bath.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry