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ARBA Rabbit Show Control Sheet

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In another article we talked about being a writer at a rabbit show. That article focused on just one of three positions. In that article we focused on remark cards. This article will focus on a very important item called the control sheet. In future articles we will talk about being a ram rod, and then we'll also give some tips for exhibitors in making the show run smoothly.

Rabbit Show Control Sheet - Intro

Although the remark cards play a very important role for exhibitors, they don't serve quite as important role for the show secretary as the control sheet. The control sheet will keep record of the placings and awards received by variety/group. If you are the control sheet writer, you won't have to write as chaotically as those that write the remark cards.

When you sit at the writers table there will generally be a breed folder present. Inside the folder will usually be all of the remark cards, and hopefully enough control sheets for each variety/group within the breed. The control sheets are normally completely blank unless the show is pre-entry. So the first thing to do is try to complete the top of each control sheet, by completing the breed, variety/group, judge and writers. If possible, try to complete the rabbit/exhibitor numbers, but often this can't be completed right away, as the comment card writer may not have time to count them prior to judging starting.

Draw a large "X" through any class that has no rabbits. Most shows have a control sheet which allows for 6 classes, so if you are writing for a 4 class breed, you can immediately cross out the two intermediate classes. I then "X" out the others, this way the show secretary knows there were no rabbits in the class and that it wasn't left accidentally blank.

Control Sheets - Placing Rabbits

Unless its a national show, the control sheet usually only lists the top five rabbits. Once the judge starts to place the top five, you will then need to start writing. If you're sitting beside the remark card writer your process will be much easier. Once the judge reads the fifth place ear number (if there are five or more rabbits in the class), write the ear number of the rabbit. Then look at the top of the remark card to get the name of the exhibitor, and write that in as well.

Once all the classes from a group/variety have been placed , the judge will them select BOG/BOV and BOSG/BOSV. Just circle the winners on the control sheet. Since the control sheet is the official record it is important that you circle the correct item. After all groups/varietys have been placed, the judge will then select best of breed and best opposite sex. This will be circled on the control sheets as well. Once the judging for a breed is complete, place the control sheets back in the breed folder, and return the folder to the secretary's table.

Control Sheets - Pre-entry

If you are writing control sheets for a preentry show, be very happy! Normally, preentry shows have printed control sheets with the rabbit ear number and exhibitor name already on them. All you will have to do is mark the placement of the rabbits.Depending on the software used you may need to write in the other awards next to the rabbit (BOG/BOSG/BOB, etc).

Control Sheet Writer - Final Notes

It is possible to do both the remark cards and the control sheet. It works much more efficiently if two people split this responsibility. If you find yourself doing both, you can always go back to the control sheet, and write items like exhibitor name from the secretaries copy of the remark cards after judging is complete.

Being a rabbit show writer is a very important part of keeping the show running smoothly. The control sheet writer is something just about anyone can do. If you've not tried it before, ask someone if you can write with them at the next show you attend. Rob Usakowski Three Little Ladies Rabbitry Jersey Wooly

Rob Usakowski
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