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Rabbit Show Writer - Remark Cards

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I have often written for judges at a rabbit show. There are actually several areas where you can volunteer to serve at a rabbit show. You can write the remark cards, which seems to be the most difficult, you can write the control sheets, or you can be a ram rod. Sometimes you can fill all three positions depending on how large a show and if it is a preentry show. This article will for on being a rabbit show writer in regards to the remark cards.

Rabbit Show Writer - Pre-Judging

Rabbit Show Writer Remark Card

Ok, so you've volunteered to do the remark cards. What do you do next? The first things is to open the breed folder that's hopefully sitting at the writers table. Remove the remarks cards and make sure you have cards for each variety/group. If there's time thumb through all the cards and make sure they are in the correct class. Its not uncommon to find cards in the incorrect class.

Then remove the first variety/group that is judged for the breed. Make sure the cards are sorted by the 4 or 6 classes. Although the number of rabbits or exhibitors may change for certain disqualifications from the judge, I like to go ahead and write in the number of rabbits and exhibitors for the class, and share that information with the control sheet writer. If the judge has a stamp, I will stamp the judges name at the bottom of all remark cards. If the class is larger than 5 or 6 rabbits, its helpful to organize them in ear number order so that you can quickly find the comment card once the judge starts giving comments. Then let the judgeknow how many rabbits they can expect in that class.

Rabbit Show Writing - Judges Comments

Now the judge is ready to give comments, and this is where it can get a little crazy for the writer. It will work easier for you if you are familiar with the order of items on the remark card. The judge will call off an ear number. You confirm that you have that number. If you don't, but have a similar ear number, ask the judge if the number could be the one you are looking at. The first thing to write is the placing. Depending on the size of the class you may just write "NP" for no place.

The judge will then begin to comment on the rabbit. Most judges will follow their own particular order, and once you have their preferred comment order it will become easier. One helpful thing to remember is the "remarks" section at the bottom of the remark card. The check boxes throughout are very helpful. However, keep in mond that the check boxes don't give a lot of information. It is often helpful to writer a little description (time permitting) of the reason for the rating. For example take the hindquarters, say the judge rate them as good. The reason that it wasn't excellent may be the hindquarters were pinched, lacked fullness, or were chopped.

Rabbit Show Writing - Marking Awards

Once the judge has finished his comments on a rabbit, tear off the exhibitors copy and place at the end of the table. Place the show copy in the in a stack to be placed back into the folder. Once the judge gets to the first place rabbit in a class do not hand back the exhibitor's copy. Set the remark card aside. Then start the next class. At the end of the variety/group you should have either 4 or 6 remark cards left. The judge will then select BOG/BOSG or BOV/BOSV. Once the judge makes those selections, keep the two cards out and set aside. They will be used for best of breed. The other cards can be seperated as before. Be sure you circle the correct code on the remark card, especially the opposite sex of group/variety. If you mark BOS by accident, thats best opposite sex of the breed.

Once the judging of all the groups/varieties are judged you should have two cards left for each. The judge will then be selecting best of breed and best opposite sex. Circle the appropriate items on the remark cards for the winners. Tear off the remaining comment cards for the exhibitors. Place all remark cards and control sheets in the breed folders. Return the folder to the secretaries table.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry