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Just How Old is Your Bunny

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We've probably all seen the charts that give dogs a lifespan in "human" years. Its an easy way for us to relate how old our dog is compared to us. I've often wondered how old some of our rabbits are in human years. So I created the table below after some careful analysis.

Rabbit / Human Years Table

Rabbit Age People Age
1 week 1 year rabbit babies, one week
2 weeks 2 years
3 weeks 4 years
4 weeks 6 years
2 months 8 years
3 months 10 years
4 months 12 years
5 months 14 years
6 months 16 years
1 year 21 years
2 years 27 yearsmore rabbit babies
3 years 33 years
4 years 39 years
5 years 45 years
6 years 51 years
7 years 57 years
8 years 63 years
9 years 69 years
10 years 75 years

Rabbit Life Expectancy

I looked first at life expectancy for both people and rabbits. The general concencus for people is a life expectancy of about 75 years. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to this number, such as where on this planet you live. Finding accurate scientific answers regarding life expectancy of rabbits was a little difficult. So I averaged everything I found and came up with a life expectancy of 10 years.

Basics Behind the Calculation

I thought it would be easy at first but ran into some complications. The easy thing to do would be to divide the 75 year life expectancy of humans by the 10 years of life expectancy of a rabbit, and say that every one year of rabbit life would be equal to 7.5 years of human life. That looks all cute and everything until you say that a 6 month old rabbit which has reached sexual maturity is equal to a 4 year old human. Thats not going to work.

A rabbit reaches sexual maturity at about 6 months of age. People get to that point around 16 years of age (note: although they have reached sexual maturity, they typically are not yet mature in other ways). So that was my second age a 6 month old rabbits is equal to a 16 year old person. (My first was a 10 year old rabbit is equal to a 75 year old person.

The next step was to fill in the early years. Having both children and rabbits, I started to compare their behavior at various stages. Amazing how much behavior is paralled. After finishing the early years I then evenly spaced out the later years and came up with the above table.