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Roger Rabbit

                              Rabbits, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a fictional cartoon character from the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? He became popular however with the animated movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In the book, Roger creates a double of himself, who then gets murdered. In the movie, Roger, a Toontown resident, gets framed for a murder. Detective Eddies Valiant investigates both the murder in the book and the one in film.

One of Roger’s most famous traits was the phrase, “ppppppleeeease.” A spinoff comic book series ran from 1990-1991 featuring Roger. An animated series called Roger Rabbit’s Toontown also ran in 1991. Other famous character from the movie and book include Baby Herman and Roger’s non-rabbit wife Jessica Rabbit.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry