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Rabbit Showing Articles

The Basics of Showing Rabbits

  • What to Expect at a Rabbit Show

    The first trip to rabbit show can be quite an eye opener. If you want to know what will happen at a show this is the article for you.

  • Tips to Help the Show Run Smooth

    Simple items can help a rabbit show run very smooth. Here's a few tips to help the show running smooth.

  • Rabbit Show Entry Form - ARBA

    You may find this information helpful in completing your rabbit show entry forms.

  • Rabbit Show Form - Judges Remark Cards

    The second set of forms necessary for your entry in a rabbit show. Also help in reviewing the qualities of your rabbits.

  • Earning Points at a Show

    Ok so you've received a show report and you earned some points. What exactly are the points, how are they calculated and what are they for? Find you answers in this article.

  • 85th ARBA Convention

    Don't miss this great show in Louisville, KY

  • ARBA Convention Tips

    Whether you are a first time ARBA Convention Exhibitor or an experience veteran, this article will give you some tips to help make the trip a little easier on your time and your budget.

Rabbit Show Writers and Secretaries

  • The Job of Show Secretary

    The rabbit show secretary has many responsibilities. They work weeks before the show, and finish reports up to a month after a show.

  • Show Writer-Remark Cards

    Remark Cards keep records of judges comments ofr exhibitors, and support control sheets for show secretaries. This articles will give tips to help you be an effective remark card writer.

  • Show Writer-Control Sheet

    The control sheet at a rabbit show is one of the most important record keeping papers for the show secretary. See this article to assist you in writing the control sheet.

Advanced Rabbit Showing Articles

  • How a Breed Becomes a Breed

    Ever wonder how a breed becomes an official breed? Well here's the answer you may be looking for. Articles has many actual examples.

  • Some Basic Show Etiquette

    Here are some tips on some basic show etiquette. These will help both the new and experienced breeder.

  • A Little Fun For Those Long Trips

    Here's an idea for a little fun on those long trips to rabbit shows. Its called geocaching. Its simple, its everywhere, and its fun. Check it out.

  • HLRSC Co-ops Opinion Poll

    The HLRSC allows for co-ops to compete for points in both the regular Open and Youth categories. Place you vote in our opinion poll to let us know what you think of this practice.

  • Thoughts Regarding Co-ops

    A helpful article for both those that are co-oped and those that are not. This article tries to take a nonbiased look at this controversial subject.

4H Rabbit Showmanship

  • Rabbit Showmanship

    This article explains how to examine your bunny for rabbit showmanship contests. This is also great practice for examining your rabbits health on a consistent basis as well as examining rabbits you are considering purchasing.