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The Job of an ARBA Rabbit Show Secretary

I can’t think of any rabbit show related job that is more difficult and under appreciated that that of a show secretary. The secretary’s job starts long before a show date and doesn’t end until several days after the show.

Show Sanctions

The first thing a show secretary must do is get an ARBA sanction for the show. The sanction request gets sent to the ARBA at least 30 days prior to the show date, but can be requested as much as 2 years in advance. After the ARBA sanction is received, the secretary must contact each of the national specialty clubs to request their sanction.

Each specialty club must be contacted individually. The request must include the ARBA show sanction number. Once the secretary receives the sanction from the specialty club, they must review the material for any special requirements the club may have.

Show Entries & Awards

If the show is a pre-entry show, the secretary must process all entries prior to the day of the show. All entry sheets must be completed for any entry taken over the phone. If its a day of show entry, then the secretary must have and oversee a staff that will take entries and sort through the remark cards for judging.

The who secretary must prepare breed folders for each judging table. Often several breeds will be sorted so that the show can begin, and the remainder sorted during the first round of judging.

The secretary has responsibility for getting show awards out to those that may have won them. Often this task is assigned to others so that the secretary can be free for their many other responsibilities.

Show Reports

At the conclusion of a show the show secretary has three sets of reports to complete. All reports must be completed within 30 days. The ARBA must receive a complete show report. Each specialty club must also receive a show report. Finally, each exhibitor must receive a show report, and any grand champion leg certificates earned from the show. All of the records must be kept for one year.

Other Responsibilities

At the shows, the show secretary will also share some responsibility with the show superintendent. For example, at a coop show, exhibitors cannot leave with their rabbits early unless they have permission from the secretary or the superintendent. Judges must present their current credentials to the secretary prior to the show.

To be a show secretary there is only one requirement. The ARBA requires that the secretary be a member of the ARBA. That is the only requirement. So just about anyone could potentially be a show secretary. The secretary should be one though that is organized, reliable, and someone that can generally handle people issues that may crop up at a show.


The next time you see a show secretary let them know how much you appreciate all the work they do. Better yet, volunteer to help the show secretary at the next show your club sponsors.