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The White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland

                              Rabbits, the white rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

The story of Alice in Wonderland is a children’s favorite written by Lewis Carroll. It was further popularized by Walt Disney who brought an animated version to the movies in 1951. Alice’s adventures begin when she sees a white rabbit scurry by, exclaiming, “I’m Late! I’m Late!”. Alice follows the white rabbit into his rabbit hole.

The white rabbit then leads Alice into many interesting situations. She also meets several very fascinating characters. The first character she meets is a talking doorknob who helps Alice get through a keyhole and into wonderland.

                              Rabbits, the white rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

One of the most memberable characters Alice meets is the Mad Hatter, and the other rabbit that appears in the story, the March Hare. Together they celebrate their unbirthdays. They enjoy a tea party with Alice.

Alice’s final showdown is with the Queen of Hearts. Her court is made up of animated playing cards. The battle becomes so intense that Alice wakes up in her bed realizing that her entire adventure has been a dream.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry