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Velveteen Rabbit

                              Rabbits, Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is a story about a stuffed rabbit that discovers that toys can become real if they are loved by their owner. Unfortunately for the Velveteen rabbit he is a fogotten toy. The rabbit was a Christmas gift to a young boy who quickly forgets the rabbit for his other toys.

When the boy loses his china dog, the Velveteen Rabbit becomes the boys constant companion. He carries the rabbit everywhere. However the boy becomes very ill with scarlet fever.

Once the boy recovers, his doctor orders the boy to move to the seaside. The boy wants to take the Velveteen rabbit with him, but the doctor sayd that he canít because the rabbit is so old, worn, and dirty. In fact the doctor recommends that the rabbit be burned to keep any disease from the boy.

The boy receives a new rabbit, which he immediately takes a liking to. The Velveteen Rabbit, meanwhile awaits his day with the bonfire. As he cries realizing his fate, the Nursery Magic Fairy visits. She takes the Velveteen Rabbit to the forest. Althought the Velveteen Rabbit thought himself to be real before, the fairy actually brings him to life.

In the forest he laughs and plays with all the other rabbits. He makes a return visit to the boy. The boy thinks he looks like the velveteen rabbit, but never discovers the secret.

The story of the Velveteen Rabbit was written by Margery Williams, and it was first published in 1922. The original name of the book was How Toys Become Real.

Rob Usakowski
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry